Construction completed!

Construction has been completed!

We are finally done! The office looks amazing! Please click here to take a video tour of the new space.

Midway through construction

We are now midway through construction. The first half of the remodel is done so we will be moving into that new space. They will now start working on Dr. Wiita’s old side before we bring it all together in the end. Again, please excuse any inconvenience during this period. It’s looking great!

Office under construction

Construction has begun! Our office is expanding and remodeling, which should take about 90 days. Please excuse our mess during this period.

No Cavity Club Winner

Congratulations to Gunnar S., the latest winner of Dr. Ray's No Cavity Club!  Every quarter we have a drawing with all the kids that had a great check-up and no cavities and the winner gets a $25 gift certificate.  Happy brushing!

Verle Wiita, DDS has joined our practice!

Dr. Verle Wiita has joined our practice!  Dr. Wiita has been practicing next door for the last 30 years and is looking forward to slowing down.  We are all very excited about this transition and look forward to the coming years!